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Anton Nikolov

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The IKEA effect is a cognitive bias that can influence the outcome and perceived value of products to a large degree. People tend to place high value on products they have partially created. Hence, the name IKEA effect. It is derived from the Swedish furniture retailer, famous for products that require being assembled by its customers. Products designed by IKEA… Read More →

Let your user show you the path “Once upon a time, there was a genius architect. After completing a new building, he decided to leave the courtyard and other grassy areas around the building without sidewalks. The idea was to let people use the building for a year and let their use form trails in the grass. Then lay the sidewalks… Read More →

This week’s design principle is focusing on Hick’s Law, which is related to the KISS principle. Let’s first say a few words to introduce Hick’s Law. Do you remember the old video games from before 20 years and how much fun it was to play them. The controls were so simple you could learn to play in seconds. For example,… Read More →

This will be the first post of series of articles I will be writing on design principles. The idea is to share my perspective on timeless design principles that can be applicable across many mediums and contexts. It is aimed mainly at new designers and designers like me who tend to forget this stuff, and need a refresher. I have… Read More →