Graeme Fulton

Graeme Fulton

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You can build the best product in the world, but if nobody knows it exists can it really be the best? Getting discovered can be as important as creating a great product nowadays. This has lead to many startups creating products the other way round: instead of ‘build it, and they will come’, it’s become: ‘go to where they are,… Read More →

Turning your app idea into a real product isn’t as far from reality as you might think. It can so often just come down to getting started— and to do so, “all you need is paper, pens, scissors and your imagination” (Shawn Medero, Alistapart). “All you need is paper, pens, scissors, and your imagination.” For example, when Jack Dorsey had… Read More →

Everyone can make use of code today: entrepreneurs, designers, artists, a 10-year-old girl, or a 90-year-old man. Also, anyone can learn to code if they try — I wrote about it before, concluding you don’t need a degree to be any good: I’m Not Smart, I Just Sat There for Longer Than YouIf anyone’s struggling with coding, or just learning… Read More →

If anyone’s struggling with coding, or just learning something difficult, this post might give you some sort of weird hope. I can code in a few languages and I have studied computer science, so why when people tell me I’m an awesome developer, do I have the feeling they’re wrong? I usually will respond with something like: “I’m not great,… Read More →