Naomi Francis

Hello! I'm Marvel's Content Writer and Marketer. My world is pretty much centred around three things: Talking about Marvel. Producing sweet content and, of course, food.

Medication management is an area where disruption is long overdue. Despite best efforts, GP practices and pharmacies are still very much paper-based operations, where the fax machine reigns supreme. Echo has the answer to the frustrating, analogue process of ordering repeat prescriptions. In a sensitive industry where trust is not easily won, how does one design to disrupt? Sai Lashimi,… Read More →

When was the last time you physically visited a travel agent? Probably a long time right? Thanks to the rise of the world wide web and the multitude of devices that now exist in our lives – going in store to book a holiday became completely irrelevant. Not only because you’re bound to find a better deal online but also… Read More →

In discussions we’ve had with designers in retail, a lot of their focus has been around optimising the mobile app, simply because mobile activity increases by the thousands every year. More recently, we spoke to who have spent time this year focusing on an alternative and more traditional channel – Apple TV. “People have been using the TV as… Read More →

Everybody eats. Almost everybody eats out. With such a large audience to serve, tech hospitality is one that keeps on growing. It’s the rough competition that comes with this kind of industry which often causes a company to consider pivoting and propelling itself out of the present and into the future. Which is exactly what Flypay have done with their… Read More →

Communication enables process and progress. The reason the human race have developed to our current state is because we can communicate with one another. Over time, the way we do this has changed drastically. From hieroglyphics on cave walls to phone calls to messages. The latter has stuck over time but has appeared in different forms as technology has advanced…. Read More →

News. An industry that was indisputably turned on its head by the arrival of the internet, smartphones and social media. The way that people consume news changed drastically and now every newspaper has its own website, app and social media accounts. We spoke to Digital Creative Director, Jan-Jan Tayson, about the inner workings of the design team at America’s 13th… Read More →

Ambitious, engaged and devoted to helping their clients visualise innovation, the creative team at Ampersand & Ampersand thrive in the face of a challenging brief. Beautiful design is subject to opinion and it takes a certain type of team break down the metaphorical box and drive blue sky thinking. We spoke to Nader Alaghband, Jose Fernandez and Boris Cardozo about… Read More →

Last week we were again proud to sponsor Design Club – an event series where the creative community figure out what’s next. The two ‘nexts’ being discussed this time around were both topics close to many designers’ hearts — brand identity and remote working. In the packed out ballroom at The Trampery, we heard from Courtney McNeil and Simon Rohrbach… Read More →

So, you’ve found the right designer for the job. It wasn’t easy but you got there through some rigorous role analysis with the team, excellent job marketing techniques and creating a fool-proof interview process, which drew out all the information you needed. Trusting that your designer has accepted the role – it’s now time to assess what happens after you… Read More →

You don’t have to be a big company to make a big impact on product. CLD is a digital agency of 15 people, made up of web developers, UX designers and digital marketers. The business is led by founder Steve Boyce alongside Digital Marketing Director Gareth Cartman and Creative Director Rob Tobias. Their close-knit team spoke to us about their… Read More →