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You can now add Private Comments to your prototypes!

Posted 1 year ago by Murat Mutlu

We’re kicking off the new year with a much requested feature from teams that frequently use Marvel with people who are outside of their organisation.

That usually includes clients, contractors or development agencies, naturally, you may want to have conversations around your work that these external users can’t see.

That’s where our new feature Private Comments comes in.

Private Comments allows you to leave comments that are only visible to others in your company and invisible to the outside world. If you have a Team or Enterprise plan, all Admins, Editors and Reviewers in your user directory will be able to add or view any private comment

How it works

1) Make sure you are signed in to your Team or Enterprise account
2) Open the link to the prototype
3) Click the Comment button on the bottom left hand corner
4) Click the Public dropdown and change to Private
5) Enter comment and click Send

You can filter the comments on a design and view which are public, private or resolved, here’s how:

1) Open the link to the prototype
3) Click the All dropdown in the header bar
3) Select Private

Once you’ve left a private comment, it will be displayed with a lock icon so you can tell the difference between public and private comments in your conversation threads.

Available now!

This feature was the result of the wonderful feedback we get from you, including through our feature request board – keep it coming!

Sign up to our Team or Enterprise accounts today to give it a spin.

Hi! I'm one of the co-founders at Marvel and a Product Designer by trade. You can often find me asking why Arsenal haven't signed anyone this season. Follow me on Twitter.

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