Health’s New CBD Brands and Designers Driving Diversity

Design Picks from our Design Team #3

This month’s post is a compilation of what Marvel‘s designer and developer, Yav, found inspiring this month in design.


The design tools space is changing before our very eyes and it’s companies like Webflow that rise the bar with every release. The no-code-required website builder has been around since 2013, and they keep delivering on the promise of providing designers with the tools they need to build advanced websites rich in interactions, transitions and slick layout with no code involved. Most recently, they launched some pretty serious e-commerce functionality:

Even though I haven’t played with Webflow much before, I’ve been enjoying some of the great websites built with it:


Okalpha is a concept and detail-focused animation studio based in…the middle of nowhere.

On Corps

OnCorps is a Decision Guidance platform that customizes rapidly to improve performance in sales, pricing, risk, and asset management.

Matthew P Munger

The personal website/portfolio of Matthew P Munger.


CBD seems to be the next big thing in the health and wellness space and I love all the brands that pop up around it. Not sure what I’m on about? Check this amazing video by Savants:

Like every new thing, CBD attracts some of the best creatives in the industry to work on branding, packaging, motion, illustration.

Some CBD brands with great visuals that I’ve noticed and loved recently:

not pot gummy bears

These vegan not pot gummy bears have a great brand and promise a “chill universe where friendly polar bears roam free, and plants and humans are accepted for who they are”.


Mowellens do CBD drops, hemp enhanced honey and some beauty products. Their online presence is killer – with a strong brand, beautiful website and a pretty sweet Instagram account.

Minor figures

Minor figures have all sorts of products ranging from beanies, through coffee and oat milk, to two different types of CBD oil. I bet you’ve spotted their cold brew coffee in your corner shop!

Diversity in design

I’ve also been hugely inspired by the growing number of diverse designer directories that keep popping up. If you’re looking for fellow designers to follow on Twitter and social, be sure to check the lists below:

Blacks Who Design

Women Who Design

Latinxs Who Design

Cloudfare Colour

With Cloudflare Color you can generate hundreds of different accessible color palettes with the click of a button. All you need to do is enter a single color value or input the url of your production website. It also supports image or JSON input, as well as hue/saturation/luminosity controls.


The new Fontfabric website is live. Designed by my friends from Kickflip, it is looking slicker than ever. If you haven’t heard of Fontfabric before – they’re a digital type foundry crafting retail fonts and custom typography for various brands.

Rough animator

The iPad Pro seems to be gaining more and more success amongst designers and illustrators. Apps like ProCreate, that Max mentioned in our [previous Design Picks] post, bring the fun back to illustration by making it easy and intuitive to digitally hand-draw with the Apple Pencil.

This is great, because this success invites many new apps and tools to the eco system, one of which Rough Animator. I found out about it when I saw dimaphew‘s instagram account. He’s an amazing letterer who also uses the app to create some stunning visuals with letters. Check him out:

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I collected all my animation videos in one post. Keep it at and write what effects I should describe in the tutorials, there will be a lot of them soon😉 . #animationdesign #animación #animasyon #ipadpro #ipadanimation #ipadart #ipadmotion #ipaddesign #letteringdesign #letteringanimation #letteringmotion

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