Our 2018 in a Nutshell

Here's a recap of this year's product releases from Marvel

We are laser focused on changing how design is done, by making it more inclusive, collaborative and productive. Marvel is used by millions of people with ever varying use cases, from design, to sales, to development – and it’s our goal to keep our platform versatile and scalable.

So read on to get the full recap on how Marvel has evolved this year!

Scrollable layers added more realism to your prototypes

Right at the beginning of the year we launched an update which was heavily requested by our users – scrollable layers. Previously, Marvel layers acted as a fixed element in prototype screens but now you have the ability to create a scrolling effect – allowing you to see the full content of the modal.

Perfect for when you’re creating screens with long side bar menus or modals and it adds another dimension of sophistication to your prototype. This feature adds another level of realism to Marvel prototypes, satisfying the UI designers behind your product but also facilitating user testing sessions.

The arrival of the Platform API and ability to build on Marvel’s core functionality

One of our biggest launches this year was the Marvel API. A way to access the core functionality of the Marvel Platform and build the tools, apps and integrations you need to scale design faster than ever.

With the API came a series of integrations which transformed the ways you can work with our platform!


From this launch, there was also a series of third party integrations that followed from other companies from the likes of Microsoft Teams, Niice, Maze and more.

We made Userflows, so you can automatically convert prototypes into user journeys

With one click, you can transform Marvel prototypes into user journey maps. It automatically generates a birds-eye view of how users will move from screen to screen, helping you tell a better story to developers, stakeholders and clients.

If you’ve ever had to manually create user flow diagrams, you’ll know how much time and effort they take. Drawing endless lines between your screens in a giant Sketch or Illustrator file, then having to redraw everything when changes happen can be a huge (and rather painful) effort. Userflows solves all that and more.

Launched a shared design library your whole company can use

We’re always making iterations to our Design tool to ensure you and your team have the ability to create designs in the most simple and intuitive environment. So, we released a Team Libraries, a design library for your whole company where you can upload brand assets and UI elements to share and reuse.

Enabled you to seamlessly import Sketch prototypes into Marvel

This September, we launched the all new Marvel + Sketch, where we focused on building features which help improve your efficiency, so you have more time to solve the problems important to you.

The update to our plugin introduced the ability to turn Sketch prototypes into Marvel projects. Which means sending your hotspots to Marvel and create prototypes that update as and when you make changes in Sketch – no need to reorganise or revisit. We speak Sketch’s language, leaving you with more time for problem solving.

Just some other features:

Introduced a better way to organise your designs

We understand how important organisation is when building prototypes. Projects can quickly scale to hundreds of screens, making them difficult to manage, present and collaborate on. That’s why we created Sections, it solves all this in an easy to use and intuitive format.

Sections helps you organise screens and makes it easier than ever to communicate flows, journeys and ideas in Marvel.

Key functionality:

Thanks so much to all our customers and supporters who make what we work towards everyday, meaningful. We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year and can’t wait to show you what we have up our sleeves next year!

Design and prototyping for everyone

Design and prototyping for everyone

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