POP Joins Marvel!

Posted 1 year ago by Murat Mutlu

Back in 2012, a new app called POP burst onto the scene and allowed users to turn paper sketches into interactive prototypes. It quickly grew in popularity and by 2013 Apple had selected it as one of the Top Apps of the year. Today it has over 500,000 users.

Earlier this year, the POP team joined Priceline, leaving the popular platform needing a new home. The founder of POP, Ben Lin reached out to us and after discussing our customer centric values and aspirations for our users, it was clear we aligned perfectly and Marvel would be a great match.

So today we’re super excited to announce that POP is now a part of our ever growing family!

POP is an important platform in the prototyping space, not just for agencies and designers, but also in education with thousands of schools, universities and workshops using it everyday, including MIT and General Assembly.

We’re honoured to be joining forces to give POP users a new home for their work. Oh, and this takes Marvel to over 1 million users!

POP users, you’re probably wondering what this means for you and your projects. Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands. We’ve worked closely with the great team at POP to make sure that each and every one of you can seamlessly transition into Marvel with all of your projects. You’ll also get access to tons of additional features on Marvel such as user testing and our design tool, Canvas.

Here’s what you need to know:

So, what happens to all my POP projects and designs?

All POP projects will be converted into Marvel projects. That means prototypes and designs will continue to be accessible and editable within Marvel.

Your account sign in details will remain the same and work on Marvel too!

I’m a paying user of POP, what happens to my subscription?

Your subscription will be converted to a Marvel Pro account and will last for the exact same period.

What about the POP Android and iOS apps?

They will continue to work as normal! POP for Android and iOS will be updated to look and feel like Marvel’s platform.

If you’ve been using POP without an account, you will need to signup so your projects can be saved to the Marvel servers.

Will the POP web app still work?

The POP web app will redirect to Marvel’s once you sign in, giving you access to your project and all of Marvel’s features too.

When will my projects switch to Marvel?

The switch will take place in December. We’ll be keeping you up to date over the coming weeks with more information so you’re prepared. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates. Over the next few weeks we’ll be keeping you up to date

I’m part of a large organisation that uses POP. Does Marvel offer Company or Enterprise plans?

Yes! Check out our plans here or contact us to find out how our Enterprise plan can help you scale design across your organisation.

Can I sign up to Marvel today?

Yes! Simply click the sign up button at the top of this page to use our web app. You can download our iOS app here and our Android app here.

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