Product Content: The Key to eCommerce Page Design

Posted 2 months ago by Alvaro Verdoy

Lots of product marketers feel that their hands are tied when it comes to selling a product. There is probably already a visual style defined for the product itself and for the online shop website, which makes you think the idea that there’s no additional effort required for an online product presentation.

Wrong! First impressions are everything when it comes to content. Content must be seen as a strong symbiosis between design and information. These two foundations need each other: the perfect eCommerce website or app should be visually attractive and, at the same time, it must show all the key information in a balanced, precise, up-to-date and error-free way.

What is the magical combination if you want to merge design and content to get the perfect eCommerce product pages?

Information + Clarity + Fun + Personalization

A product page design should give everything to users and, at the same time, keep something from them with a bit of interactivity and with some options, just like the traditional experience attached to searching and buying products in a physical store.

A product page only has a few seconds to convince or frighten off a visitor. We’re talking about very few seconds, maybe 5… or even 3!

What are you going to do with those precious 3 seconds?

Content & Design: The Twins of eCommerce

“The best way to keep the user’s attention starting from the first millisecond is spending time, effort and lots of care when creating your eCommerce product pages.”

Your first step is the product information, which must be well coordinated inside your company and across all the channels that distribute and display the data. For this purpose, it’s vital for any eCommerce to use specialized software such as a PIM or Product Information Management. If you are truly in charge of your products’ information status, then you should do your utmost when preparing the design for each channel. When you have all your information ready it’s easier to know where to put it and how to create a rich and complete

These are the fundamental guides you should follow to achieve a perfect eCommerce product page design:

Wrap up

Content and design should always go hand in hand in any eCommerce product page. The type of information highlighted and the resources used may vary according to your product niche, but the fundamental pieces should never be overlooked.

“Design never goes to sleep: be innovative and don’t be afraid of being bold or of the latest technical innovations.”

And remember that design never goes to sleep: be innovative and don’t be afraid of being bold or of the latest technical innovations. That is the correct attitude if you want to keep your product pages in a constant state of revision and improvement that convinces a spectrum of users that’s becoming more and more demanding every day.

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