Support Sessions: Why We’re Experimenting With a SupportBot

Posted 6 months ago by Beth Gill

You might have noticed a small change in our first response messages to your emails – you guessed it. We’re now experimenting with using a bot. Not to worry though, the SupportBot is more of a helping hand than a replacement to your friendly support team.

Our team is currently based in the UK whilst the majority of our customers are in different time zones around the world. So, we’re trialling this in the hopes of getting you to the answers you need fast. Well, instantly in this case – because as much as we aim to get back to all support tickets in a speedy fashion – it’s not always as instant as we’d like.

Helping you get the information you need is our number one priority, and we’ll always be on hand should the SupportBot stumble. Helpful and human customer support is at the very heart of Marvel, and whilst this solution will help answer your more straightforward questions, we’re still here for you for anything more niche or complex.

Here’s how it works

You’ll drop us an email at [email protected]

Screenshot of email asking support to help reset password

Then, instantly, you’ll get a relevant response from the SupportBot – with the most helpful article highlighted for you at the end of the email.

Screenshot of SupportBot's instant recommendations for help articles on resetting passwords

If the SupportBot gives you the information you need you can close the request, if it doesn’t, no problem. Your message will come right through to us in Customer Support and we’ll help you as quickly as we can.

Screenshot of best recommendation and form of whether it's helpful or not

What’s so great about the SupportBot?

That’s simple! The SupportBot will give you fast answers for quick fixes by being directed to the right information immediately, even during our busiest times. Which means no waiting for a helping hand!

However, if you find the SupportBot doesn’t get you the information you need right away – don’t worry! Your ticket will still be queued for a team member to get back to you regardless of our new digital buddy. So the help you need will be on it’s way to you as fast as humanly possible.

It’s also a great way for us to see where we’re at with our help centre articles. If the SupportBot isn’t suggesting enough relevant articles for requests, it highlights the new topics we need to write up and publish. Which will then only expand the database the SupportBot is working with for future requests!

Having something like this in action is mutually beneficial for both you and our team. It gives us extra time to focus on testing and resolving the trickier questions; which means resolving bugs faster, accelerating new feature releases and spending more time spent on the questions you may have thought impossible to answer. So in short, more time for support means more time to make Marvel even better.

We’d love to hear from you

We really want to give you the most streamlined experience possible when you need help with something and we’d love to hear your feedback. Whether you love the SupportBot, think there’s a way we can improve it, or if you think we shouldn’t be using one at all – please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. This is still in the early stages of being tested, so your feedback will hugely influence the way we move forward.

We’re always looking for ways to get you to the information you need faster and the SupportBot is just one way we’re experimenting with improving your experience. Remember, it’s just here as a helping hand and there will always be a real human on the other side of the screen to help you – no matter what.

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