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Posted 6 days ago by Kelsey

We all have those two friends that have strong personalities. You walk on eggshells when you all get together, hoping you can keep the peace. If left alone, they just don’t mesh – it’s like having two competing soloists. Now, imagine those two friends are fonts. Just like people, fonts combinations need balance. Two loud fonts generally don’t work well together.

Regardless, searching for the perfect font can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. There’s a lot of fonts to search through, and how do you even know when you find that needle? Let me give you a bit of advice. There’s usually more than one needle. Fonts are unique but they are also extremely versatile. In fact, most fonts can be used for different websites, designs and purposes but still provide the correct brand message.

Font Combination Tool

So you’ve got a font, but are stilling looking for another one. Or maybe you’re in the font market – starting from scratch. Either way, this tool can be used to find inspiration or get you out of a rut when you worked hard enough to pick the first font. We get it, choosing fonts is stressful. There are so many. And even if you don’t like the ones you’re finding, designers make fonts all the time, adding to the dilemma. Don’t fret, this font combination tool by Bold Web Design can help you find a font’s perfect partner. Isn’t that all we’re looking for in life, after all?

Shopping for a pair at a time? No problem, we have some popular combinations below.

  1. Playfair Display with Source Sans Pro
  2. Merriweather with Oswald
  3. Montserrat with Merriweather
  4. Raleway with Lato
  5. Elsie with Roboto
  6. Dancing Script with Josefin Sans
  7. Abril Fatface with Roboto
  8. Amaranth with Open Sans
  9. Palanquin with Roboto
  10. Sansita with Open Sans

Personality meets reserved, creating an effortless harmony. The playful twist on a serif font keeps its traditional roots modern, making Playfair Display a great headline and statement font, while it’s partner Source Sans Pro adds simplicity and support.

Keeping it classy and simple is this duo’s mission. The best recipe for efficiency is simplicity. A bit more condensed than other fonts, Oswald is best to use when you don’t have a lot of space to fit a lot of wording. Merriweather keeps the design timeless, so your content looks up to date.

Urban meets it’s rural friend. Like big buildings, Montserrat is a bold font. Think of it as the bubble letters of modern fonts. It’s curves keep it light and informal. Merriweather projects a traditional yet readable aspect. Together, they share a simplicity that makes them easily readable.

Sometimes less is more, and the message is best supported by a simple design. This combination is straight to the point, modern, and without the frills of everyday nuisances. Don’t mistake this for lacking a personality though, these fonts are effortless, making them great fonts to allow your creative juices go to town on other aspects of the design. Think color and bold pictures!

Glamour doesn’t do subtle, but cannot be overshadowed. Imagine fur coats, expensive diamonds, and high heels. This flirty serif font shouts drama. This font combination is like a boujee friend and their partner that brings the practicality. Similar to Playfair Display, Elsie uses overdramatized characteristics, highlighting is fashion focused style.

You have now entered the zen zone. Leave your shoes at the door, grab a cup of tea, and put your judgements behind you. This fonts replicates handwritten cursive, bringing a touch of personableness without the constraints of formality. Josefin Sans supports this elegance with a geometric shape to compliment its partner.

Imagine redoing a vintage chair with a bright turquoise contemporary style – you’ve got yourself Abril Fatface. If you’re looking for a statement, this one does the trick. New meets old, bringing a flair of style that’s modern by oversizing the traditional aspects of serif fonts. Not to overstep, Roboto brings the clean and modern design that perfectly compliments the loud approach Abril Fatface brings to table.

You know those people that seem to always have a warm smile when you see them? They go straight in for a hug, and are the first ones to ask how you are. Amaranth is that friendly person, with unique curves that add a sense of familiarity. While Open Sans is light and airy, adding a sense of modernity and structure.

In a world of cheerios, be a fruit loop. Palanquin is the fruit loop of modern fonts. With a bit more blocky construction and unique diagonal lines, this font has its quirky details, mainly at the end of letters. Its sidekick Roboto adds an approachable appearance that converts extremely well on the web!

Think of sipping on the perfect frozen margarita. It’s smooth with finely crushed ice to smoothly go down. The ratio of sweetness to the kick of tequila is portioned to absolute perfection, making one seem like just not enough. Just like a perfect margarita, Sansita has a stylish flow and a kick of flavor. It’s perfect pairing is the Open Sans chips and salsa – a basic but absolute necessity.

A creative jack of all trades, Kelsey brings tasteful wit to each article she writes. With experience in the world of design, she understands the struggles of choosing fine details, like fonts, that put the cherry on top.

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