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“When we build things – we must think of the things our life doesn’t necessitate. Because someones life does.”

Encouragement for UX Designers lost in bad process and structure. “Bad design is seldom caused by bad designers. Most often it’s bad organizational structure.” – Don Norman at DMI Conference Through several years of being a UX Designer in consulting/agency and in-house teams, I can confidently say I have seen great design be shut down because of bad structure and… Read More →

“When we build things – we must think of the things our life doesn’t necessitate. Because someones life does.”

Ambitious, engaged and devoted to helping their clients visualise innovation, the creative team at Ampersand & Ampersand thrive in the face of a challenging brief. Beautiful design is subject to opinion and it takes a certain type of team break down the metaphorical box and drive blue sky thinking. We spoke to Nader Alaghband, Jose Fernandez and Boris Cardozo about… Read More →

DESIGN is as important as TECHNOLOGY Today, design is as important as technology. I was meeting with a startup last week when the principal architect asked me why is design more important now than ever before? To answer that, let’s reflect on the evolution of automobile design. When the Model T first came out, the focus was on getting the… Read More →

Why UX design has to evolve to stay relevant in the future Since the early 90s, when the term User Experience was brought to wider knowledge, the UX design profession has been dealing with a lot of key challenges. Besides new emerging roles accompanied by an increasing amount of new — and sometimes rather confusing — job titles, UX has mainly been struggling with… Read More →

Last week we were again proud to sponsor Design Club – an event series where the creative community figure out what’s next. The two ‘nexts’ being discussed this time around were both topics close to many designers’ hearts — brand identity and remote working. In the packed out ballroom at The Trampery, we heard from Courtney McNeil and Simon Rohrbach… Read More →

So, you’ve found the right designer for the job. It wasn’t easy but you got there through some rigorous role analysis with the team, excellent job marketing techniques and creating a fool-proof interview process, which drew out all the information you needed. Trusting that your designer has accepted the role – it’s now time to assess what happens after you… Read More →

How we approach design sprints at Shopify Over the past few months at Shopify I’ve been running weekly design sprints to kick off new projects and features. If you haven’t heard of a design sprint before, it’s a 3–5 day collaboration of designers, developers, UX researchers, and content strategists where we work together to build several high-fidelity prototypes. We start… Read More →

Takeaways for keeping your interface friendly to the friendliest of people. My mother. It happens about once or twice a year. I travel over to my mother’s house for a visit and, about two or three hours in, she says something like “Hey, can you take a look at my computer? I just want to make sure everything is okay… Read More →

How a remarkable story of a small design studio unwittingly drove an industry to madness. 37Signals successfully navigated the path of going from a design studio to being a software company. In the process of doing that they unknowingly started the mythology that every design or development studio should become a product company. Early in 2005, as their first product,… Read More →

A few days ago I had a moment of sheer panic because I couldn’t find a pen. I went through the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross stages of penlessness (Denial: Maybe I don’t need a pen? I don’t need a pen! Anger: Where is my goddamned pen?! Bargaining: If you give me your pen, O nice, accommodating waiter, I’ll leave you a bigger… Read More →

It’s any given day. Your inbox is full of newsletters telling you about the fresh new ways to improve your forms or that a new UX technique earned loads of money for someone and so on. You’re excited right? You read the article and can’t wait to find a way of implementing it in your next project/sprint/meeting. But how does… Read More →