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The Agile approach has in many organisations become the expected way of working. There have been many articles and books around the challenges of designing in an agile environment. When building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) there are many competing factors, and with the pressure to release something demoable every sprint, features can get compromised in a way that requires… Read More →

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It’s hard to stay inspired. We’ve all experienced the headaches and weariness of losing momentum whilst designing. It’s common knowledge that everyone has different ways of driving a new spurt of creativity – whether it’s going for a run or simply staying in tune with their surroundings. However, most people find inspiration within a content rich space where they can… Read More →

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The process behind successful UX design is made up of so many more variables than one would imagine. Producing an effective product, app or website requires an incredible amount of research and a strong understanding of the sectors or professions you’re designing for. The UX team at Huddle talk to us about the principles the company is founded on, their… Read More →

‘Frictionless design’ has become synonymous with ‘good design’. User journeys with cognitive and physical barriers that are minimised are on the surface very suited to our busy and distracted lives, it is true. But it is time to acknowledge that frictionless experiences are affecting us, our interpersonal relationships and our societies and not always positively: We are trading a host… Read More →

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Great digital products don’t suddenly appear out of nowhere. In fact, they are sophisticated artifacts that have successfully grown into great products after a careful product discovery process. They are delightful experiences, easy to use, and beautiful to look at, providing outstanding value to its users. “Building a great product is an art as much as a science.” — Paul Adams The… Read More →

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Hiring the right people can be a challenge. We spend around 70 per cent of our time with our colleagues, so it’s pretty imperative that they can not only deliver results but also that we can work well with them. The comfort of knowing they’re not a raging maniac that could diminish your business clientele, connections and general office morale… Read More →

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Looking back to when I first started designing, if there was a single thing I could go back and tell myself, that would be to train my design eye, my ability to critique and identify good design. A good design eye oftentimes exceeds the ability of the designer. This is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, this means that… Read More →

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How startups work nowadays is at breakneck speed. Moving fast and making big decisions along the way. Large enterprise companies are whole different beasts that are difficult to change. Years and years of, ‘“This is how we do things’”, ring true across most companies and encouraging them to change the way they work is a difficult task. Old St Labs… Read More →

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These days, the latest technology goes in and out of style at light speed. It’s enough to make a digital designer wonder how she’ll be prepared for the future and stay competitive and competent in the job market. In fact, “The Future of Work” was the title of the panel I was recently on as part of AIGA’s San Francisco… Read More →

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It applied to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe when he was designing buildings in the mid 1900’s, and it remains true in product design today. Though I don’t profess to know much about architecture, another likely commonality with product design is that it’s those same details that are the easiest to forget. But it’s those little things, the tiny minutia… Read More →

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Sometimes it’s the small things that define us. Side projects that are close to our heart can blow up into the venture we’ve been waiting for…or even side projects that weren’t close to us. And were more of an accident. Tom Carrington Smith, Chief Product Officer of CharlieHR, talks to us about how a side project became his and his… Read More →

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Let’s cut to the chase. Powerpoint has gotten itself a bad reputation. Dubbed the “cornerstone of the modern corporate world” by Bryan Dove, Skyscanner, and can you blame it? Since the dawn of Microsoft Office, people of all ages across the globe have been encouraged to use it to present to their peers and colleagues. Powerpoint has made building presentations… Read More →

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