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The Sketch Plugin has a brand new bag. Or a little more specifically, a new feature that gets you get from A to B faster. You can now play Marvel prototypes within Sketch using our brand new prototype player! Here’s the need-to-know about your new favourite feature: Play: Whilst in Sketch, you’re just a click away from viewing your Marvel… Read More →

As a designer, your toolbox empowers you to do research, define personas, explore UX patterns, lo-fi sketch, and even refine what agile design means. It’s time to apply these skills to the one product that needs it most – yourself. Before you embrace this concept, let’s paint a picture. You’re a design consultant and you’ve been hired to lead the… Read More →

This is a story about a GV style design sprint. If you’ve never heard of this, you can learn more here. Europe’s leading smart thermostat platform Toon® just opened up its API on Toon is now accessible to developers, designers, startups, corporates and universities to re-imagine smart home and energy solutions. With this community, Toon wants to create smart… Read More →

In November 2016 I found myself leaving a really truly great experience design team at a solid software company to go onto… nothing. Happily for me, marriage took me to a different town which then made me look at the prospect of a new job, new team, new design challenges and purpose. Leaving a decent job and great team made me… Read More →

The virtual realm is uncharted territory for many designers. In the last few years, we’ve witnessed an explosion in virtual reality (VR) hardware and applications. VR experiences range from the mundane to the wondrous, their complexity and utility varying greatly. “You don’t need to be an expert in VR; you just need to be willing to apply your skills to… Read More →

Pretty much any time we design something new, we start at the middle. See, the middle is when someone has a problem—she’s bored, she has a question, she needs to get somewhere, she wants to buy something— and voila! She whips out this New Thing we’ve designed, goes through this amazing experience we’ve crafted, and merrily solves her problem. Happy… Read More →

When I started as a designer, fresh out of school, I thought I was ready to be a real professional. I would be creating elegant interfaces that would delight users and solve their problems. At least I thought I would. Those years in school taught me a lot. Research, project planning, teamwork, prototyping. Buckets of theory about devices and interfaces,… Read More →

Imagine a world where we’d know the impact that an experience would have before we shipped it. This is not as impossible as it sounds, and most product companies are or have been building experiences this way for a few years now. Popularised by e-commerce sites and lean startups, validating design decisions by A/B testing and hard data is commonplace… Read More →

You can build the best product in the world, but if nobody knows it exists can it really be the best? Getting discovered can be as important as creating a great product nowadays. This has lead to many startups creating products the other way round: instead of ‘build it, and they will come’, it’s become: ‘go to where they are,… Read More →

There’s a lot of pressure on designers to be excellent right from the start. But that’s just not realistic. When you start a project, you don’t know what the right solution is yet. The power of early sketching and realisation of any problem’s complexities is best explored and understood in the very freedom of mapping out everything in the early… Read More →

After working 4 years in the field of digital design I got obsessed with tidying up and sorting information. This lead to the creation of a systematic approach for designing user interfaces. It is an object-oriented, programming-inspired approach, a collection of various ideas that are universal. Use it for working with your favourite design software or for coding. It helps… Read More →

Last May, we announced a new look for Instagram, inside and outside the app. We created a new Instagram app icon and a set of unified icons for Hyperlapse, Layout, and Boomerang. We’ve also refreshed the user interface with a simpler, more consistent design that helps people’s photos and videos shine. Inspiration When Instagram was founded, it was a place… Read More →

I spoke this week at a General Assembly Q&A session with 25 freshly minted graduates from their UX course. Many of the questions centred around how to structure portfolios ready for interview, how design at Atlassian works and how to break into the UX and design industry. 1 question really stood out to me. “As a designer, what’s the hardest… Read More →