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Turning your app idea into a real product isn’t as far from reality as you might think. It can so often just come down to getting started— and to do so, “all you need is paper, pens, scissors and your imagination” (Shawn Medero, Alistapart). “All you need is paper, pens, scissors, and your imagination.” For example, when Jack Dorsey had… Read More →

When I started working as a Junior UX Designer, I was a fish out of water. My knowledge about technology was limited. In meetings I would keep hearing these words, but had no clue what they meant. I’d get back to my desk and google what I’d heard, hoping no one would spot me! Overtime, I found there were lots… Read More →

Who the hell am I to tell you anything about being a good product designer? I am not a personal trainer, a Human Resources specialist, a Guru or any type of Evangelist. I just try to do my best in every sphere of my work, enjoy every process and learn as much as I can on the journey. A big… Read More →

Work is work and will always be. Some people love it, some just roll with it. Like a service, the impressions we have about our jobs is based on how well the company culture, relationships, and work environment contribute to achieving our goals. As design professionals, we know that not every company praises the value provided by design-oriented approaches. Production-oriented… Read More →

Let your user show you the path “Once upon a time, there was a genius architect. After completing a new building, he decided to leave the courtyard and other grassy areas around the building without sidewalks. The idea was to let people use the building for a year and let their use form trails in the grass. Then lay the sidewalks… Read More →

“Fast, simple and easy to use”. This is the motto that drives the majority of tech companies nowadays. Fueled by Agile methodologies, these companies strive for fast deliveries and quick iteration cycles. But, in order to deliver fast, the outcome must be simple. But how simple? One of LEAN’s methodology principles says the following: (…) Keep things simple. Keep the… Read More →

In each entry in this “conversation” series I talk to a designer/product manager/engineer on a topic. I want to make basic practical skills education transparent and free. Today I’m talking to John Cutler, Senior Product Manager at Zendesk. John has written extensively on different product management topics and I love his views on product management and how it is evolving…. Read More →

Whether you’ve graduated from a short course or a degree, when you first enter the workplace you’ll learn 100 times more than you’d ever imagine. Sure, you’ll learn more techniques and practises, but the soft skills you’ll pick up are just as valuable. You’ll learn more about yourself, others and how to deal with certain situations (think office politics). “When… Read More →

Software is meant to be, above all things, useful. When we think about something useful we cannot help but think about the users (good thing we can’t). What if we were to build the best application ever but no one ever used it? So much for the usefulness of it, right? “There are multiple kinds of users implicated on a… Read More →

Design jobs are flooding the tech space with more rigor now than ever before. Companies are hiring designers specializing in interaction, UX, UI, and research to grow their established design teams. But for the majority this is not the case. You will probably at some point be one of the company’s first designer. I received the first designer role as… Read More →

Last week, I was reading Michael Horton’s article entitled “Complexion Reduction: a new trend in Mobile Design” and it got me thinking. In his article, he presents what he thinks is a new trend in mobile design which takes mobile minimal design a step further. Basically, it means that more and more apps look strangely alike: Complexion Reduction means white… Read More →

If you’re working on digital products, you have already read dozens of articles describing how and why the hamburger navigation on mobile (and desktop!) hurts UX metrics due of its low discoverability and efficiency. (You can read some of best articles on the topic here, here, here, and here.) Luckily, more and more sites and apps are experimenting with alternative,… Read More →

In each entry in this “conversation” series I talk to a designer/product manager/engineer on a topic. I want to make basic practical skills education transparent and free. Today I am speaking to Ravi Akella who currently runs the product team at the Digital Manufacturing Group at Autodesk and is on the PM Leadership Team at Autodesk. His team of product… Read More →