Murat Mutlu

Hi! I'm one of the co-founders at Marvel and a Product Designer by trade. You can often find me asking why Arsenal haven't signed anyone this season. Follow me on Twitter.

Timers is a great new feature that allows you to automatically move to another screen in your prototype without any user interaction. It’s perfect for creating loading screens and onboarding flows. You can even use it to create an automated slideshow of your screens. Transitions can also be combined with timers, check out this example from Cai Cardenas which uses… Read More →

Big news! User testing is now available for free in Marvel! This amazing new feature allows you to record exactly what users do with your iOS prototypes. Not only can you see their screen, taps and gestures but also their reactions using the camera and microphone on the device. Each time a user completes a test, you’ll get a beautiful timeline of exactly… Read More →

You can now (finally!) add images and PSDs from Google Drive to your Marvel projects. The best part? Images automatically stay in sync so your prototypes will always be up to date with your latest design changes. You’ll find Google Drive under ‘Add images’ in your project. Once connected you can also sign into Marvel with Google. Enjoy! Ps: If… Read More →

We’ve just added a great new feature that allows you to embed rich and dynamic content from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and Spotify in just a couple of clicks. Check out the result below, click the trailer to start playing video within the prototype! How to embed video and audio: Click ‘edit’ on any image Draw a hotspot container for your… Read More →

We’re pleased to announce that Marvel now works with the Apple Watch! That means you can test, view and present your sketches and designs in context on the watch itself. How to get started: 1) Create a Apple Watch project in Marvel. Sign in here. 2) Download our iOS app 3) Install on your iPhone and Watch 4) When you open… Read More →

We built Marvel as a simple way to bring your digital ideas to life in just a few clicks. Now we want to help you validate those ideas too, in the same quick and easy way. We’re introducing some incredible tools that will allow you to get in-depth insights into how users interact with your prototypes including: Screen recordings of users… Read More →

We’ve just added one of the most-requested features to our latest update – commenting and annotations! Clients, teams and stakeholders can now add feedback directly onto your prototypes in just a few clicks. How to get started: Click on ‘Edit’ on any image to access the editor, on the top left you’ll see a speech bubble, click that and enable comments on… Read More →

If you design your mobile and web prototypes in Sketch then you’ll love our new plugin that allows you to send your artboards directly to your Marvel projects in 2 clicks (or 1 keyboard shortcut!) To get started download the plugin here, then unzip and drag it into your Sketch plugin folder. You should then see Marvel in your Plugins menu,… Read More →

We’ve just added the Apple Watch frame to your project settings in Marvel! It’s super simple to get started, just click on ‘Settings’ in your project and select the watch frame in the device list. When you play or share your prototype, it’ll be presented in the beautiful Apple Watch frame. And remember, you can use fixed headers and footers… Read More →

Getting centralised feedback from a range of users can be a pain, especially on mobile. That’s why I wanted to let you know about a quick way to use Marvel alongside two of the best survey tools around, Typeform and SurveyMonkey. We recently added the ability to link a section of your prototype to an external URL, meaning that at any point… Read More →

If you work in a team at work or like to collaborate with friends on side-projects then you’ll love our new teams feature. With Marvel teams you can create and join as many teams as you like. There’s no limit to team sizes either, so whether it’s an entire company or just a few friends working on a passion project,… Read More →

We were so excited about Apple’s announcement that we decided to get straight to work. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are now available to use for your beautiful prototypes. Simply go to Settings > Appearance and select your colour. Enjoy! Ps: We’ve also open-sourced the CSS we used to make the iPhone 6 frames. Grab the code on Github.