Last week, one of my readers sent in a question: How do I become a better visual designer? As I was thinking about how to answer this question, my mind wandered to my experience with learning Mandarin Chinese. Recently, I decided to teach myself Mandarin. When it comes to learning a new language, you first have to start with the… Read More →

Illustrations should be embraced in product design because they can make a large difference. I know that the “making a difference” cliché is so over-used in product design in general, but in the case of well-used illustrations applied to user interfaces, it happens to be true. Having said that, I don’t mean that illustrations will work for every single product out… Read More →

Right now is a very interesting time to be a copywriter in the UK. As an industry, copywriting seems to be going through something of an identity crisis. On the one hand, you have the copywriting old guard: extremely skilled and experienced craftspeople who cut their teeth in the Golden Age of Advertising or have followed in the footsteps of… Read More →

In the next few years we will see a continuing trend to simplify the UI of our apps/websites. This is happening because of two main factors: How we interact and understand new technology, and the rise of more friendly and human software and interfaces. Let’s go step by step. 1. The Simplicity Revolution We live in a world oversaturated with… Read More →

I recently watched a talk by Austin Kleon from the first Creative Mornings event in Austin, Texas a few years ago. At the time, Austin was working on his new book, Show Your Work!, which is about something I’m very passionate about — the process of creating and the sharing of that process. I’ve been sharing my process work and… Read More →

Takeaways from my Journey On a Friday afternoon in Berlin, Germany, I stood in a movie theater-sized room about to speak to hundreds of people on behalf of one of the biggest tech companies in the world. As fragments of my speech swirled through my head, I reminded myself to breathe and enjoy the moment. This talk wasn’t my first foray… Read More →

Body text is the key component in communicating the main bulk of a message or story, and it’s probably the most important element on a website, even if people sometimes read just the headlines. Why would we limit the effectiveness of body text by minimizing its size to a browser-default that’s now over 20 years old, even on large displays?… Read More →

In each entry in this “conversation” series I talk to a designer/product manager/engineer on a topic. I want to make basic practical skills education transparent and free. Today I’m talking to Ryan Scott, a senior product designer at DoorDash, about how product managers and designers should work together to create desirable products that solve business needs. What’s your experience working… Read More →

When I started working as a Junior UX Designer, I was a fish out of water. My knowledge about technology was limited. In meetings I would keep hearing these words, but had no clue what they meant. I’d get back to my desk and google what I’d heard, hoping no one would spot me! Overtime, I found there were lots… Read More →

Who the hell am I to tell you anything about being a good product designer? I am not a personal trainer, a Human Resources specialist, a Guru or any type of Evangelist. I just try to do my best in every sphere of my work, enjoy every process and learn as much as I can on the journey. A big… Read More →

Work is work and will always be. Some people love it, some just roll with it. Like a service, the impressions we have about our jobs is based on how well the company culture, relationships, and work environment contribute to achieving our goals. As design professionals, we know that not every company praises the value provided by design-oriented approaches. Production-oriented… Read More →

Let your user show you the path “Once upon a time, there was a genius architect. After completing a new building, he decided to leave the courtyard and other grassy areas around the building without sidewalks. The idea was to let people use the building for a year and let their use form trails in the grass. Then lay the sidewalks… Read More →