Last summer I switched teams at Facebook. My first project seemed simple enough: redesign the sign up flow for Facebook Lite, an app for low-end Android phones. I couldn’t wait to start the project. It seemed like a textbook design problem. “Reduce confusion and friction for people signing up for your product.” Got it. I did what many of us… Read More →

When I started AJ&Smart in 2011, UX Design was still so misunderstood that I spent the next 3 years just explaining to my clients (while also defining it to myself) what it actually was and why it was valuable. It was also extremely difficult to hire good UX designers, as there was nowhere to really learn what was required for… Read More →

Did you read that Sidebar article about UX Writing? Did you see the new augmented reality software that Apple created? Have you seen Android’s new design pattern? Did you see the latest Google I/O talks? Have you read ‘Hooked’ ? You been on Dribbble lately? Did you complete that online UI course with Design Labs? Did you see the latest intercom… Read More →

One of the greatest information processors we deal with in our everyday life cannot be seen or touched. It cannot be bought or sold as well as taken from other people; however, it can be developed and strengthened by many ways. It cannot be easily described but belongs to the most precious features of human life and determines perhaps any… Read More →

We have a great opportunity at my company right now: our platform has been developing daily in the last years, but this has happened although we lack a clear process of thinking content embedded in new features. So it’s about time we jump into that gap and fill it with some well developed UX Writing. “We lack a clear process… Read More →

We revisit Chartmogul to take a look at some of the changes and trends in SaaS landing page design in 2017. This expanded analysis looks at the landing pages of over 100 SaaS businesses of all sizes — with some powerful insights! Our last landing page analysis is still one the most popular articles on ChartMogul. Given that it’s been 18 months… Read More →

In this two-part blog series, we will be exploring the impact of design on LogoGrab and the importance of hiring a designer for any company. Part One will delve into the world of design, exploring the trials and tribulations of hiring a skilled designer. I recently spoke with Luca Boschin, the CEO from innovative logo detection company, LogoGrab and a… Read More →

“To learn philosophy, begin by delving into a single philosopher.” That’s what my history teacher told me in the last year of high school. And although I’ve never really learned much from philosophy, this line has been guiding me whenever I need to immerse myself into a new field of study. Leaving newsrooms and publishing houses to enter a technology… Read More →

You are conducting user research — whether you know it or not As a UX designer, I have heard lots of reasons why not to conduct user research. Usually, I hear the classics, ‘we don’t have enough time’ and ‘we don’t have enough money’, but occasionally I’ll also get ‘users don’t know what they want’, or ‘you’re the UX expert —… Read More →

Everything that surrounds you is a product of design. The watch you’re wearing, the pen you’re using, even that paper calendar cube on your desk that you almost never use. It was someone’s job to sit down and come up with it from scratch. We have all kinds of designers nowadays. Product, industrial, graphic, interior, UI – you name it…. Read More →

Coming from university or a UX career transition, you’ve spent time to perfect your portfolio and resume-what now? You scroll over job boards, take a look at openings from big tech companies, and gloss over a few design agencies you’ve come across at Behance. On the other hand, some of your friends are building a startup, and they need a… Read More →

I’m one of those designers who use Windows as a primary operating system. I also have moderate experience with Linux and almost none with macOS. After recent Microsoft and Apple press conferences, there was a significant upset from Apple users and some of them were considering to switch over to Windows. I decided to layout my workflow and what software… Read More →