It’s our third run in General Assembly. We know the drill. Let’s get straight to business. The Brief Work in a team to identify problems and/or opportunities with an existing mobile application and utilise your knowledge to design a solution. The Team Project Managing/Research: Drew Yu UX Researcher: Nicholas Gwee Product Research & Design: Ivy Huang Tools User research, UX,… Read More →

Error messages should point toward a solution, not act as a band-aid. The concept of “embracing failure” is big in the tech industry. Fail fast, fail often! is almost an industry mantra. But there’s an everyday type of failure that doesn’t get much attention in the product development process. That’s right. The humble error message. Why error messages matter We’ve probably… Read More →

Tiny Techniques Or, “Why did it take me so long to figure this out?” Tiny Techniques are bitesized design tricks to make you a better, faster designer in Sketch. Sometimes you’ll already be doing it…sometimes we’ll blow your mind. The Problem Symbols are great because they’re reusable elements that you can insert throughout your document, and any time you update them,… Read More →

Great products are made by people who care. As teams grow in size, ownership, responsibilities, and individual impact become abstract and blurred. As soon as ownership becomes ambiguous, products lose their opinion and often end up becoming a mediocre mess shaped by countless compromises. This is one of the main challenges large teams face today and in order to better… Read More →

There seems to be a lot of sensationalism behind the polarizing idea that you should either be a generalist or a specialist. One side advocates that you have to be doing things their way, all while another side swears by their methods. Somewhere in the middle, there are the designers who seem to be getting by just fine pulling tactics… Read More →

Animated means full of life and excitement. Animation adds life to static things. When it comes to software, it’s not just for delight but for solving problems. As human beings we are used to see the world moving around us, and if any piece of software has coherent animations, it feels alive and natural. Tech leaders in the industry are… Read More →

As a huge tech fan and someone that works in the industry, I own of a lot of gadgets, especially smartphones. I have devices that run Android, Windows or even Ubuntu Touch, however my daily driver is an iPhone X simply because iOS is by far my favourite operating system to use. It works seamlessly with my Mac and iPad,… Read More →

When you look at the performance indicators of the most used apps & websites you’ll systematically see: Daily Active Users How many users interact with your platform everyday? Average Time on Site How long do users stay on your platform? Stickiness or retention ratio How many users return after their first experience? Viral coefficient How many new customers are brought… Read More →

Overcomplicating things is not doing you any favors. Particularly with digital design, there are countless examples that are a loud and complex mess of elements that seem to evade, at all costs, the primary goal of the design itself — to clearly communicate something. On the flip side, there’s a major trend nowadays with minimal design. Loads of whitespace, small… Read More →

Receiving feedback is a natural part of the design process, and in every round of feedback the design tends to get stronger and tighter. But how do you avoid taking feedback personally? Design critique sessions are nothing new. They are an integral part of the design process, and over the last years modern companies have found smart and efficient ways… Read More →

2017 was a bumpy yet exciting year for me. I left my graphic designer job in March, and entered the maze of the coding world. Five months later, I finally got a job as a front-end developer at Having been a full-time front-end developer for six months, I’d like to share my story of why and how I pivoted… Read More →

Why do well-funded companies with ample resources often ship broken user experiences? No one is immune. Even design darlings do it sometimes. As users discover a company’s product, read about it, sign up or install, then use it, they may traverse the output of many different teams. Broken handoffs are common. We all have war stories. A few highly-trafficked sites… Read More →