A selection of prototypes, photos, and learnings from Design Club at a special CoderDojo We recently joined CoderDojo London to deliver two days of workshops for 7–17 year-olds. We were hosted by UCL at Base KX, near Kings Cross. There were tables dotted about, offering coding activities. There were computers everywhere. Except on our table. We we were unplugged. Okay,… Read More →

“Dashboard”, “Big Data”, “Data visualization”, “Analytics” — there’s been an explosion of people and companies looking to do interesting things with their data. I’ve been lucky to work on dozens of data-heavy interfaces throughout my career and I wanted to share some thoughts on how to arrive at a distinct and meaningful product. Many people have already tackled this topic,… Read More →

When the term ‘Design Thinking’ first emerged on the scene, I found it completely puzzling. People were treating it as if it was a revolutionary new methodology to produce better products and services. They were talking about how entire companies were adopting this new approach, and those companies were becoming more competitive in the marketplace and seeing huge increases in… Read More →

So, your company wants to increase revenue and adoption by making some marketing site tweaks. They want more conversions, more clicks, more shares, and more users. What do they tell you to do first? Well, A/B test! Compare two versions of a page, define a key goal (ex. clicks), and see if you get more clicks. But, does this actually… Read More →

Everything you need to know about conducting useful user interviews Creating products based on your own needs is easy – if you’re building something just for yourself, you don’t need to talk to anyone else because you know what you want. It’s pretty unlikely that you’ll ever design a product for yourself. If you want to make a product that… Read More →

A recent internal email chain at IDEO discussed the question of Design Thinking vs. Agile at IDEO. The question: how does IDEO differentiate the Design Thinking process from Agile? Below is my response, which I’m publishing here for future reference and with the hope that it might be useful for others.(The following is copy/pasted from our email thread, with a… Read More →

User testing and usability studies are as important on day one as they are when you have millions of users. When your internal resources are virtually non-existent, you still have a few great ways to understand your target audience and start testing how they’ll relate to your young idea. 1. Moderated User Testing For those of you who have the capacity… Read More →

Be yourself Be confident in your skills and ability. Work in your own style rather than following someone else’s. It’s crucial to carve out your own design journey and not be too sidetracked by what others are doing. “You can become a good designer following others, but you’ll become a great designer telling your own story.” Embrace feeling like an imposter After a… Read More →

As you probably already guessed this article is dedicated to blue color. Without a doubt, blue is one of the most important colors in UI design, and one of the most frequent. Just look at your smartphone app icons, and you’ll see that a lot of them are blue: Facebook, Twitter, Shazam, Safari, etc. So why is blue the chosen color?… Read More →

After some huge releases in September, our focus has been on changing how collaboration and project organisation works in Marvel. We’ve also kicked off our most requested feature, project sections! Full project-visibility for companies Our Company Plan now allows everyone in your team to view and join each others projects, meaning you no longer need to add collaborators manually. All… Read More →

There is this belief that the hand cursor means “clickable”, but this is incorrect and potentially problematic. My hope is that by the end of the article, you’ll never want to use the hand cursor for buttons ever again. The hand does not mean clickable It’s no accident that browsers don’t give buttons (and other elements) a hand cursor —it’s… Read More →

Ever struggled with managing your projects or PMs trying to do so? Well, there is an app… hmm… or something different for that. Recently I took on the Design Council’s Double Diamond process, “revamped” it, and published it (Link at the end of the post). People have questioned how my approach would relate to “real” project management and projects. This… Read More →