Being a journalist, I came to VTEX without knowing exactly where I’d be able to apply my experience. Nine months later, I wonder how the company could grow without an area formed by people dedicated to identifying, organizing, and distributing information. Actually, I know it couldn’t. That’s why we are building a Knowledge team. We needed to meet a couple… Read More →

We are often seduced by novel patterns that save space but this pattern is problematic. Here’s why: 1. There is no space for a hint Floating labels start inside the text box leaving no space for an additional hint. 2. They are hard-to-read Floating labels typically have small text, so that as it floats, it takes up a small amount of… Read More →

See Part 1 (Introduction to UXD), Part 2 (Agile & Lean UX) or the full Table of Contents. “In design, you’re solving for user needs and business goals. In research, you’re solving for a lack of information.” — Erika Hall UX Research isn’t as scary or intimidating as it may sound at first — we’re not writing a PhD or… Read More →

In each entry in this “conversation” series, I talk to a designer/product manager/engineer on a topic. I want to make basic practical skills education transparent and free. Today I’m talking to Veronica Belmont, a product manager at Growbot. Growbot helps you appreciate your colleagues and is specifically for teams which use Slack and Microsoft teams for communication. She joined as… Read More →

It is essential for our designs to show well-organized information, so the user can understand easily what is shown. It is a key to providing good UX. Among many ways of showing data, one has stood the test of time and proves to be efficient even today. It is called “Five Hat Racks”. The concept of the “Five Hat Racks”… Read More →

Colors are one of the most important and powerful elements in design. Since design is an evolution, our perception of colors (and the ways we use them) is ever-changing. I’ve noticed that there is a new and fresh trend in design that involves a prominent use of gradients in UI, branding, illustration, typography and more. It seems like we got… Read More →

Designing for social good through volunteering opportunities and pro-bono work can be really rewarding. However, it isn’t always straight forward – before jumping in, it’s a good idea to get an understanding of the challenges involved with doing design work to help charities and non-profits. To help out, we spoke to a few people who have first-hand experience in the… Read More →

Today’s article is about understanding what is aesthetic design and its importance for the perception of usability. Humans like pretty and shiny design; they desire it much more than functional one. We enjoy looking and using aesthetically pleasing design, because it satisfies our senses, it gives us pleasure. Designers tend to think of aesthetics as the visuals of the design…. Read More →

A guide, not a template The first thing a good UX Designer should tell you about creating a persona is that if you just blindly follow a template, you have missed the point. User research should inform the layout — don’t let the layout constrain the research. Put simply, don’t just follow a template. Sadly, this advice is not very helpful… Read More →

Welcome to Dear Developer’s entry seven. It’s the dawn of summer in London, providing bundles of vitamin D and some once in a blue moon smiling faces. Including my own. And what better to whack a smile on your face on top of the sunny weather than a little HTML hack? That’s what I thought. If you’ve been following this… Read More →

Designing for a cause is celebrated at Marvel and recently we’ve been seeing inspiring stories emerge one after the other about sharing knowledge and empowering others. Last week on Twitter, Pablo Stanley’s design workshop for children was circulating the masses and we were overwhelmed to see that Marvel was playing a part in the lesson! Happy as Larry, we grabbed… Read More →

In this article I am keen to take you through my process of building the new custom logotype for Marvel, from sketch to final product. I post work in progress on Dribbble and tweet about it on Twitter and using Instagram at the same time. Introduction Marvel is a design, prototyping an collaboration application based in London, UK. Marvel’s co-founder Murat Mutlu… Read More →